Weeding in the back
Weeding in the back

Weeding in the back


About movie

  • Premiere:
    January 28
  • Deadline:
    February 24
  • Duration:
    90 min.
  • Director:
    Arsho Harutyunyan
  • Casts:
    Anahit Kocharyan, Susanna Baghdasaryan,Taron Grigoryan, Jemma Adamyan, Arsen Saghatelyan

The events of the '' Wedding in the back" film take place during the April 2016 war. The film is about Hrach Galstyan from Gyumri, who died during April 2016  four-days war. The plot is based on the story of a family from Gyumri, where they are going to marry the only son of the family. During the film, the events of April 2 are presented, how the relatives of the emigrant family living in different parts of the world come to the wedding. But, unfortunately, the wedding doesn't end due to the war, the hero leave her bride alone, and went to battlefield. No shooting, no smell of gunpowder, no trench and death scene. Through the story of only one family, the whole tragedy of the April four-day period is presented, at the same time emphasizing that despite the hardship, life goes on.